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North Star Academy prioritizes leadership and a positive learning environment to give children a strong foundation for success through early education, which leads to greater academic performance, social skills, and future learnings.


North Star Academy provides a nurturing learning environment that fosters children's unique potential and promotes social and emotional development. Our program prepares students for academic success and empowers them to become confident, engaged individuals who positively contribute to society. We are committed to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.


Join our team of educators at the North Star Academy and make a difference in students' lives. Our supportive, dynamic environment fosters growth and success. We value creativity and innovation in our collaborative and inclusive culture. Shape the future of our community with us. We offer a range of career opportunities in a dynamic and supportive environment. We value diversity, inclusion, and innovation, and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children. Submit your information today and join our team.


North Star Academy provides a safe and stimulating learning environment that tailors to each child's needs and interests. We prioritize social-emotional development and promote inclusivity while partnering with families and communities to achieve educational milestones. Our compassionate care and personalized approach nurture each child's growth and development to foster a lifelong love of learning. As a staple in the Lantana community since 2006, North Star Academy has been dedicated to providing quality education, and we strive to continue this tradition of excellence.


Program Coordinator

Veronica Freeman is the Program Coordinator at North Star Academy, having joined the team as a toddler assistant in October 2014. With a deep understanding of the significance of early childhood education, Veronica quickly progressed to become a lead teacher and, after returning from maternity leave, took on the role of Program Coordinator. As a mother of four children, all of whom have grown up at North Star Academy, Veronica knows firsthand the importance of education in early childhood and is dedicated to providing a nurturing and educational environment for young children. Her passion, recent Director Certificate, and extensive experience make her an invaluable asset to NSA's leadership team. We are fortunate to have Veronica on our team, knowing that she will continue to positively impact the lives of the children and families at North Star Academy.


Education Director

Elizabeth Kennedy is the Education Director at North Star Academy, with a background that includes volunteering, substitute teaching, and working with toddlers, twos, and threes. As a parent of two children who have attended NSA since they were newborns, Elizabeth has a unique perspective on the school's educational philosophy. She holds an A.S. in Business Management and will soon complete her B.S. in Educational Studies. Her educational background and experience make her a valuable asset to the school's leadership team, and she is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality education and care for NSA students.


Program Director

Breeanna Alvarado is the Program Director at North Star Academy (NSA), bringing extensive experience to her role. She has been an integral part of the school community since her daughter joined at just six weeks old. Since then, Breeanna has been dedicated to the emotional and educational growth of all the children at North Star Academy, always willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their full potential. Her passion for providing quality education and nurturing care for children is an invaluable asset to our team. Breeanna recently earned her Director Certification, which demonstrates her ongoing commitment to the growth and success of North Star Academy's programs.


As a parent company, Fractal Education Group is committed to providing early education that aligns with our values of promoting social-emotional development, inclusivity, and individualized learning. We believe every child deserves a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment fostering growth and development. We prioritize tailoring our educational approach to each child's unique needs and interests, focusing on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

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