Inside & Out Approach to Education

Heart & Mind

  • Use Biblical truths to teach love and respect for all of God's creations
  • Embrace and encourage the imaginative state of the child
  • Offer experiences that require problem solving
  • Allow each child to experience accomplishment based on his or her ability
  • Encourage the inquisitive nature of each child to foster a lifelong love of learning
  • Foster habits of attention, obedience, and truthfulness


  • Teach through sensory-motor activities, working with materials that develop a child's cognitive powers through direct experience: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, and movement
  • Lead activities that strengthen small and large motor skills
  • Provide adequate physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage personal care


  • Each room is designed to be an inviting extension of your home
  • Many opportunities to express creativity
  • Orderly and predictable environment
  • Areas for small and large group activities to increase social experiences
  • Age appropriate learning centers include Building, Home Living, Creative Play, Art, Manipulatives, Music, and Science
  • Child sized equipment to encourage self care


  • An extension of the classroom where opportunities for learning and skill development are endless
  • Opportunities to engage with the environment in the Messy Materials, Building, Climbing, Dirt Digging, Nature Art, and Music and Movement areas
  • A greater range of sensory stimulation
  • Natural play materials that allow multi-faceted skill development in addition to traditional fixed play structures