Toddler Classes

The first three years of your child's life will include the greatest recognizable changes in growth and development. This is a time when children are discovering themselves emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively. With this in mind, a schedule will be put in place as predictability fosters the most relaxed learning environment. Routines will be created with hellos & goodbyes, diapering & toileting, eating, sleeping, and getting dressed. Within these routines your child's teacher will focus on individualizing activities, guiding proper behavior, maintaining a safe, healthy environment, and evaluating progress. At North Star Academy the students are separated by their birth dates into multiple Toddler classrooms. This allows us to group children of like maturity together, allowing the teachers to tailor each activity to the development of the class. At a time when sensory learning is so powerful to a young child, we feel that education expands beyond the classroom walls which is why we have adopted an Inside & Out Approach to Education.
Toddler Curriculum
Our teachers use weekly themes to teach a wide variety of foundational ideas that will be built upon in later years. Each morning begins with Circle Time, including calendar, weather, and songs. Throughout the day the children will complete an art project in correlation to the theme. Learning Time and special activities are used to teach concepts such as seek & find, colors, shapes, letters or number matching, small motor skills, and much more. Each day will also include Bible Time where the children will hear Bible stories teaching about God, the world He made, and how to treat others. We will continue to use American Sign Language while speaking the most common words. Children are less frustrated when they are able to communicate their needs.
Learning Environment
Our Toddlers' learning environment will offer opportunities to play with age appropriate toys, dabble in art, imitate and pretend, enjoy stories and books, experiment with sensory exploration, have fun with music and movement, and explore the Outdoor Classroom.