North Star Academy has invested a great deal of time into creating the perfect Pre-School environment. This environment is based on the basic needs and skills of your three and four year olds. Our teachers will offer unconditional love, acceptance of all children, security through a consistent schedule, independence and freedom to do things for themselves, guidance in appropriate behavior, control and limits, and faith.

Our Pre-School teachers have designed a theme-based curriculum where one broad topic is discussed for a period of time. This project approach allows the class to find answers to questions asked by the teacher and the students. While many of the themes are predetermined, using this approach allows our teachers the freedom to explore a theme that has become of interest to the class or a current event that is taking place. This activity-based curriculum allows children to learn through experience and problem solving in the classroom, both indoors and out.
Learn more about our Inside & Out Approach to Education.
Phonics and Arithmetic
Zoo Phonics is our phonics program that teaches the alphabet using a cast of animal characters and sounds, and a body movement that directly relates to the animal/letter, allowing children to utilize the alphabet immediately. Our Pre-School classrooms work on mastering upper and lower case letter recognition, the phonetic pronunciations of these letters, and the proper way to write them.

Touch Math leads students to interact with numbers on paper by seeing, saying, hearing, and touching numbers as they arrive at the right answers without guessing. In Pre-School, counting, number recognition, spatial reasoning, sequencing, classification, and matching are learned.
My Day in Pre-School
  • Group time for calendar, weather, stories and discussion of the current unit topic
  • Working with my teacher individually and in small groups during phonics and math learning center rotations
  • Expressing our gift of imagination through art, music, home play, building, and games
  • Age appropriate daily devotionals and character development studies
  • Weekly instruction from a dedicated Spanish teacher
  • Take time to concentrate on forming good habits of attention and obedience
  • A minimum of one hour per day in our multi-sensory Outdoor Classroom, expanding learning in the Messy Materials, Building, Music & Movement, Climbing, and Nature Art areas