Infant Classes

Anyone who has had to leave their baby for the first time knows how difficult this can be. No one can care for your baby like you can, but North Star Academy will make every effort possible to mirror the environment you have created at home. Our caregivers will work with you on following the schedule you have set with your child or offer help in establishing one if wanted.

We will separate the youngest Infants that are not yet mobile so they can be given as much one-on-one time, hugs and cuddling as possible. This separation also allows younger babies to enjoy needed floor time without mobile children to contend with.

Baby Steps

It is never too early to begin teaching children. Our Infant teachers will talk with your baby about what they can see and touch, read stories to them, and tell them how much they are loved by God, their parents and our teachers! All activities are based on each child's individual developmental stage. We will work on improving gross and fine motor skills while exploring the world around them.
My Classroom
Each Infant room has been equipped specifically for growing, curious babies. We strive to make sure each room is warm and inviting and not too overstimulating. Our Infants will have:
  • Crawling mats
  • Soft play structures for crawling and exploring
  • Age appropriate books and toys
  • Wall mirror and cruising bar
  • Their own crib with sheets laundered daily
  • Designated space for personal items